Introduction to Placement

Career Services at NIMA


NIMA Placement cell seeks to provide experience of the corporate world to enable students to be thinkers of tomorrow. While enhancing their conceptual & analytical skills to communicate with impact the institute tries to make them innovative, creative and responsible in a dynamic global world.



To tap all the possible opportunities the institute has strong liaison with leading Business organizations for summer

Training & final Placements viz.

National Institute of Management and Administration offers two years associate diploma programs to Afghan students. The purpose of this program is to prepare our students for the industry with the required skills in a short period of time, and also to help them acquire entrepreneurial skills during this time.

National Institute of Management and Administration has three disciplines; Accounting, Management, and Information and Communication Technology (ICT) as well English which is taught across the three departments. NIMA has also cleared the initial candidacy stage in a process of accreditation from Accreditation Council for Business School Programs (ACBSP) to ensure the quality of the education.

We have shown our presence in private, public, NGO’s and non-profit organizations. Our goal is to
up-bring our students to such a level in education and technology that they would be easily absorbed in private and finest public organizations for their internship period. In the past three cycles of graduates, we have placed more than 70% of our students in the private sector organizations.

According to the recent findings and surveys which were conducted by NIMA, 98% percent of employers who have hired NIMA graduates are satisfied with their performance.

Purpose of the Career Services at NIMA

The purpose of the Career Services has been discussed in the previous two progress reports, with the main aim of this function being to improve employability for NIMA students by enhancing students’ work place skills and supporting their learning through practical experience. The basic idea behind internship is to give insight/overview of work place requirements in Afghanistan, so that students are able to understand these and apply their competencies gained at NIMA in a practical manner. The modality is a dual-based system that provides both theoretical and practical training by merging study and work systems1 which can enhance their level of knowledge, skills and also cultivate among them better attitudes towards work.

Numerous benefits are expected to come from the placement function, not only for the students themselves but also for NIMA as an institution, by developing a good reputation for the three diploma programs that are offered at NIMA.

Establishing partnerships

The placement Cell of NIMA  has  had  regular discussions  and  interviews with employers to establish partnerships between NIMA and employers. However, as mentioned earlier, the placement

‘Infrastructure’ currently in Afghanistan is not adequate enough to provide facilities for such activities. All prospective employers preferred contracts to be signed between NIMA and Government or Private Sectors  to providing internship and job opportunities to NIMA students, NIMA will provide short terms training mentioned organization to develop their professional skills related to current market requirements.

Partnerships established between schools and host organizations (companies/public institutions/private organizations) are expected to allow students to learn about their future workplace and the specific requirements of these, as well as informally developing attitudes towards their work. The partnership between education and businesses (the school – enterprise partnership) starts from the interests of teachers, employers, and community stakeholders. Today’s students are tomorrow’s workers. All those involved in this complex process understand the need to move from a consultation-type partnership to a cooperation-type partnership, with direct impact both for employers and for the education that comes from these placements. Efforts within the partnerships must involve continuous communication through collecting and processing data and ensuring the information obtained is shared among the different institutions involved.

Making network with host Organizations

As has been discussed to has permanent partnership, NIMA’s has its own website this could offer numerous benefits to both the students and Host Organizations.  This website can facilitate networking of students with host organizations/companies as the website would have a complete list of the different kinds of companies/departments, along with the names of their key contact persons and email addresses. Networking is probably one of the most significant advantages the interns may be able enjoy. The opportunity to meet with company managers, executives and peers is a wonderful gain for internationals. The contacts made during an internship can lead to job openings after the internship, either at the same location with the same employer, or at some other locations and with some other employers.

Please feel free to contact the placement cell incase your organization has the scope and openings for interns or job in the disciplines mentioned above.

Best regards,

Mr. Asaduallah Azami

Placement Cell Team Leader