Refresher Course (RC)

121The program offers English, Mathematics, and Study Skills non-credit courses to prepare incoming students for the NIMA Associate Diploma program in which the medium of instruction is English. The Refresher Course term is currently six months.


The English courses consist of two integrated skills courses: Reading/Writing and Listening/Speaking. Grammar is taught as a component of each of the skills courses. The courses are taught at four levels of proficiency: Beginning, Intermediate, Upper Intermediate, and Advanced. New students do an English proficiency test to place them into appropriate level courses.

Study Skills courses provide instruction to prepare students to be effective and successful in their coursework at NIMA and to become lifelong learners. Courses include the following topics: NIMA Policies, Programs, and Learning Resources; Time Management; Effective Classroom Participation; Completing Homework and other Assignments; and Test-taking preparation and Strategies.

Mathematics offers instruction at two levels: Basic and Advanced. New students do a mathematics test to place them into appropriate level courses.

Assessment and Graduation

Students need to attain a grade of at least 80% to pass Refresher Courses. Course grades consist of 80% for participation, assignments, quizzes, and homework, and 20 % for midterm and final examinations. To graduate from the Refresher Course, students need to pass the Upper Intermediate level courses for English and Study Skills, and the Advanced level Mathematics course. An exit proficiency exam will also be administered to students who have completed all their coursework.