51The National Institute of Management and Administration (NIMA) strives to provide young Afghans with world-class   technical education. The goal is to prepare Afghan students for employment in both private and public sectors. They  are, however, equally encouraged to continue their studies at university level.

NIMA provides two-year diplomas in three content areas – Accounting, Information and Communications                 Technology,and Management. Students also receive benefit from practical experience through an internship program that  places them in  industry. This is a compulsory component for students in order to graduate from NIMA. The language of instruction at NIMA is English. The institute recently introduced the English refresher program, which provides world-class English instruction to all new students before they enter their first semester.

The Institute is currently seeking international accreditation and is now a formal candidate for accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). The institute is dedicated to providing students with an internationally accredited curriculum and under the instructional supervision of a well-qualified faculty.

NIMA offers state-of-the-art facilities such as computer laboratories, high speed Internet, hostel facilities for provincial students, a well-equipped library as well as student recreational activities including gym facilities and student clubs.

As well as providing academic benefits, NIMA teaches its students the values of individual excellence, honor, and group consensus – and to integrate these values with the need to modernize Afghanistan to be among the best nations within the global community.

Afghanistan’s future depends on a young, well-educated workforce. It depends on building a vibrant economy that provides the riches that Afghans deserve and it depends on strength to protect national interests and Afghan citizens. The future of Afghanistan begins here at the National Institute of Management and Administration.