Introduction to NIMA Governing Council

As the governing body of NIMA, the Governing Council provides guidance and oversight in the areas such as faculty and educational affairs, student affairs, infrastructure and technology, finance and budget, institutional advancement and general supervision of NIMA

  • The Governing Council (GC) for NIMA is responsible and fully authorized Council at the policy level; they will be overseeing overall programs and activities of NIMA and will Coordinate the programs with the job market
  • The NIMA Governing Council will be meeting every quarter and will be assessing, monitoring evaluating and reviewing fully the NIMA progress and development achievements towards it vision and mission
  • The main office of Governing council will be at the NIMA Institute Darul-Aman,Kabul ,Afghanista

NIMA Governing Council Members :

Governing Council Members List



Designation in GC

Org. Address


1 Feroz Rafiq CFO Afghanistan Financail Servcies Private Sector
2 Dr.Sayed Umar Farooq Vice Chancellor Academic Kardan University Private Sector
3 Omar Mansoor Ansari HEAD Head of NICTAA Private Sector
4 Dr. Sarmast Coordinator Music school Coordinator Governmental
5 Andesha Director AFEC Private Sector
6 Noori Director DMTVET Governmental
7 Rohullah Sharifi Executive Director Toyota motors afghanistan Private Sector