Accounting Club NIMA

The Accounting Club is a student driven, voluntary membership organization at the National Institute of Management & Administration.


The purpose of the Club is to assist students in becoming better informed about the accounting profession, introduce them to the opportunities available in the private and public sectors, and coordinate events with professionals that will help guide them on their career path.

  1. Promoting interaction between students, faculty, and professionals through educational workshops, community service, and social events.
  1. Encouraging student involvement, leadership, and excellence.
  1. Providing members with a forum to learn about the different careers in the accounting field
  1. Assist students in reaching their academic and professional goals by offering mentoring and networking opportunities.

Club Organizing Body:

  1. President: Mr. Abdul Khaliq
  2. Vice President: Mr. Safi Ullah
  3. Male Coordinator: Mr. Kamran
  4. Female Coordinator: Miss. Tehmina

Club accomplishments during last Six months:

We had many accomplishments during last seven months such as training sessions, seminars, workshops but the most exciting event of the year was member’s trip to Sunshine University Kabul, where the University administration had arranged an event for seminar on the topic “Accounting & Islamic Banking” which was very useful and fruitful for all members. At the end they were awarded certificates by the University administration. The students were so motivated and showed deep interest in the event that they asked for similar programs in future. As the supervisors of accountant club, we could say that it was a professional approach towards turning theory into practice and we have planned solid steps to arrange similar events in future sessions.

Accounting Club’s review of tasks accomplished in numerical order last year:

No Activity/Event Activity/Event Date Venue
01 Announcement of Signup Event Thursday, 15th Jan, 2015 Accounting Department
02 Create Facebook page, Design & Print Signup event Materials. Friday, 16th, Jan, 2015 On Mobile/Accounting Department
03 Signup Event Saturday, 17th Jan, 2015 Library
04 Submit Dates for Club Initial Meeting Monday,19th Jan, 2015 Accounting Department
05 Accounting Club Initial Meeting Sunday, 25th Jan, 2015 Library
06 Finalizing Accounting Club Members List Tuesday, 3rd Feb, 2015 Accounting Department
07 Second Meeting With Members Saturday, 7th Feb, 2015 Academic Block
08 Orientation On Club Activities Sunday, 15th Feb, 2015 Academic Block
09 First Training On Activities Sunday, 22nd Feb, 2015 Academic Block
10 First Assignment Thursday, 5th, Mar, 2015 Academic Block
11 Election of Member For Choosing, President, Vice, President, Male & Female Coordinators Thursday, 12th Mar,2015 Academic Block
12 Developing Club Members Visiting Cards Thursday, 26th, Mar,2015 Academic Block
13 Third Meeting With Members Thursday, 2nd,April, 2015 Academic Block
14 Second Assignment Saturday, 4th April, 2015 Academic Block
15 Attend Seminar Monday, 6th April, 2015 Sunshine University
16 Attend Seminar Thursday, 27th Aug, 2015 NIMA TTTI Block

Since our club requires more efforts in the development of mindset of the members, being the most complicated and technical one, we have already achieved

Our plans for the club in the upcoming semesters:

Our experience during the last year has exposed new dimensions in our minds as a Future Plan of Action. Our Future Plan of Action includes but not limited to the following tasks:

Industrial visits

  1. Audit firm visits
  2. Banking industry visits
  3. Seminars
  4. Members Assignment
  5. Sports events
  6. Picnic to historical spots
  7. Refreshments

Thank you

Muhammad Ilyas Khalil

Syed Aftab Ali Shah

Accounting Club Supervisors