Q: Where is the Student Information System (SIS) and Learning Management System (LMS) located?
A: https://nima.fedena.com  ..http://moodle.nima.edu.af

Q: How can I request access to SIS and LMS?
A: You may submit a completed SIS form. Click on below link to download SIS form.


Q: How do I access the systems?
A: When you submit completed SIS form, you will be issued username and password for accessing SIS.

Q: Who do I contact for training or any other help required?
A: Contact SIS administrator with below contact details

Name: Waise Ahmad Aseel
Office Address: Administration Building, 3rd floor, Room #35, IT and Database Office
Email: w.aseel@nima.edu.af , waise_ahmad@hotmail.com   Telephone:  0786-111-567

Q: Where can I submit an SIS and LMS question?
A: Questions may be submitted to the SIS administrator box:

w.aseel@nima.edu.af  ….. waise_ahmad@hotmail.com

Q: Where can I find resources for SIS?
A: Resources for the SIS are located on the SIS website which is http://support.fedena.com.

Q: What web browsers does SIS and LMS application support?
A: Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari & Chrome etc. under Windows,