Introduction to Database and SIS Department
Student Information Systems (SIS) provides technical support for processing admissions, course, schedule, registration, records, enrollment verification etc. for all students, faculty and staff.
Initiatives and Cynosure
NIMA database and the student information system center is the departmentwhere student records are stored and managed. The departmentuses a centralized database systemfor entering results of student exams and other assessment scores, build student schedules, track student attendance, and manage many other student-related data needs in the institute.The system is utilized by various administrative offices and faculty. It can also be used by students to view their grades and class schedule.
Besides the SIS, the database department also runs Learning Management System (LMS). LMS is a software-based platform that provides infrastructure, framework and tools to facilitate students with online learning or training. The learning management system manages all administrative aspects of the educational process and provides important services to host and deliver the training content.
The office also issues ID cards to the students.
Pivotal Focus
Some of the main pivotal focuses and objectives of the department are briefly explained follow;
Central Management and Storage of Data:The main objective of the database department in the institute is to collect and efficiently store data in a centralized management system, update and retrieve data when and as needed.
Availability:Availability means bringing the data of the institute to the users of that data. The system which manages data resources should be easily accessible to the people within the institute, making the data available when and where it is needed, and in the manner and form in which it is needed.
Data Sharing:An ability to share data resources is another fundamental objective of database department. This means different people and different processes using the same actual data at virtually the same time.
Utility of the SIS in NIMA
The student information system used in NIMA is called FEDENA. Fedena provides user-friendly dashboards with login access for teachers, non-teaching staff, students, parents and management personnel of institution. The various modules available in Fedena facilitate all the processes of institution, from admission of new students to generating transfer certificates when students complete their studies.
Using fedena, students can;
• See their personal profile, academic reports etc (Students are not given access to view the profile/academic reports of other students)
• Enhanced interaction with teachers
• Online submission of notes / assignments
• Access to attendance, timetable, marks, grades and examination schedule
• Freedom to browse through library books catalogue and identify the book(s) to be issued
• Prior information about school events, news and holidays
• Student Blogging services
• Collaborate with students and other users via text, audio and/or video at anytime
Services of the department.
• Maintenance and reporting of student data
• Handling inquiries from prospective students
• Enrolling new students and enabling online scheduling
• Creating class and teacher schedules online
• Handling records of examinations, assessments, marks, grades and academic progression
• Maintaining discipline records
• Providing statistical reports
• Communicating student details to parents or other persons authorized by the student, through a portal
• Regulatory reporting and reports for accrediting bodies
• Issuance of User names and passwords to the student for the use of FEDENA and MOODLE
• Issuance of ID cards to the students
• Providing detailed training for the use of SIS and LMS