Department of Management

The business world is constantly changing, and the need for managers who have the knowledge and skills to take advantage of opportunities continues to grow. The program is designed to prepare students with the necessary skills to start their own business or to be a successful employee of any company.


Students completing the Management (AAS) degree will demonstrate interpersonal and critical thinking skills required to solve business-related problems for self-employment, for entry-level positions in for-profit and non-profit organizations in the public and public sector.

Program learning outcome:

1. Apply written, oral, and graphical communication skills in both technical and business environments.

2. Commit to address professional and ethical responsibilities, including a respect for diversity.

3. Understand key leadership concepts, and their importance and areas of application. Evaluate approaches to leadership, leadership  motives, and leadership practice in public and private organizations.

4. Use English language fluently, accurately and effectively on a wide range of general, academic, and vocational topics, marking clearly the relationships between ideas.

Our Graduates

Our Graduates of the Management program are able to work in a wide variety of positions in public and private sector. Some graduates also work in a family business or start their own.