Short description of the Department:
NIMA offers Associate Degree in Accounting and Finances. It equips the students to be Accounting technicians and also prepares them for further studies in the field of Accounting and Finance by laying a solid academic foundation.

The students will be trained to work as Accountants and Finance Managers in Corporate, Government, and Not for Profit organizations.


To achieve national recognition in accounting education by providing programs of academic excellence


Our mission is to provide excellence in accounting education through teaching, research, and service.  We wish to provide  high-quality Associate Degree in Accounting to students who desire to work in business, industry, and the not-for-profit sectors; to provide higher education to students who desire to work in public accounting and to pass the ACCA Exam or to obtain other professional certifications.

School of Accountancy Strategic Plan

Academic distinction and professional competency are the School of Accountancy’s top priorities. We have the goal of achieving academic distinction to become a national leader in accounting education.

 Objectives and strategies of the school

Objective No.1:    

1. Provide high-quality preparation for careers in accounting and business

2. Highly skilled and motivated teaching faculty

3.  Faculty development activities that ensure state-of-the-art discipline knowledge and teaching methodologies

4. Instructional technology comparable to the world class teaching.

5. To develop a culture of interchange between faculty and students

6. To Develop in students critical thinking skills

7. Collaborative learning practices that enhance technical, communication and interpersonal skills; build a strong work ethic; and encourage personal responsibility and integrity

8. Personal and professional development opportunities that promote leadership skills and a commitment to service

9. Routine evaluation of the accounting curriculum and of the overall teaching/learning experience

10. To develop Instructional research that enhances student learning and teaching effectiveness

11. To develop collaborative and interdisciplinary approach that promotes a broad perspective in accounting and business research

12. Faculty development activities that support continuous improvement in research knowledge and skills

13. To participate in local community and business events and activities

14. To be part of projects with accounting and business organizations

Objective No.2

1. Provide an environment in which students, faculty, and staff can thrive

2. Recruit and retain high-quality faculty and staff

3. Strive to attract high quality students

4. To promote and respect diversity and inclusiveness in students, faculty, and staff

5.  Establish a faculty code of conduct