Mathematics is an integral part of human academic culture. It is the analysing tool and language of different academic streams like commerce, engineering, computing and fundamental sciences like chemistry, physics, biology etc. It helps us recognise patterns, solve problems and to understand the world around us.


The primary goal of the ‘Mathematics club’ is to teach all participants to think critically & logically. Furthermore, the programs and activities provide opportunities for academic excellence which is the need of the hour.


1. Recognize that mathematics is a powerful foundational tool of academics with limitless applications.

 2. Inculcate analytical thinking along with problem solving ability.

  3. Demonstrate a level of proficiency in quantitative reasoning.

   4. Fosters ‘out of the box’ thinking along with increased problem solving ability.

Mathematics club is functioning with full swing with all its scheduled activities.  There is an unprecedented enthusiastic response from the participants of both NIMA and RC students. The mentors of the respective club have already conducted two meetings to make the students familiar with the objective, functions and future plan of this club. One page in the Facebook has already been created for updating the activities electronically which is

Competitions are also being conducted among different groups. The theme of the competition varies from one to another. The theme of first two competition were ‘Basic Mathematics’ and ‘Use of mathematics in Daily Life’ respectively.

In tandem with  the above mentioned objectives Maths club had under  taken the following initiatives.

First meeting was conducted on 27th Jan, 2015 at 10:45 AM — 11:15 AM in Library to make familiarize the students with the objective, goals and modus operandi of Maths club.

Keeping with the pace of the enthusiasm shown by the students we conducted our 2nd meeting on 03rd Feb, 2015 at 10:45AM — 11:15AM  in Library.

First session of math’s club was successfully conducted on Wed 27 Feb 2015 in which we have discussed use of general basic maths in our daily life.

The following students that we have selected for different activities are as follows.

1. Mr. Mohammad Saber President of Math’s Club

2. Mr. Bismillah Vice President

3. Mr. Habib Secretary

In the future days Mathematics club is expected to deliver much more ‘Math-magic’!!

Mentor(s): Mr.Sabaoon

Maths Club 2     Maths Club 1