The National Institute of Management and Administration (NIMA) is dedicated to providing world-class post-secondary education in management and administration that prepares qualified people for Industry in Afghanistan and produce skilled people to meet the needs of Afghanistan and the region.  To magnify the activities of English School, we have started different club activities for the students of NIMA. We have four clubs, Speaking, Writing, Listening, Reading & Debates club. The importance of English Language is undeniable. In order to keep its importance we have started Speaking Club.  We normally conduct meetings in order to improve the capacity of our English School, and clubs are the initiatives towards such goals.


The English Club has its pivotal focus to spur and goad the students in the field of English learning. Apart from their regular classes at NIMA, all the students are triggered off to take part in the club for English learning enhancement. The club objectives are as plain as pikestaff with a prime intention to bring more augmentation and escalation in their English learning.


The club has its visionary objectives to enrich the English level of the students for their future maneuvers and academia endeavors.  The club has its main cynosure to inculcate the best possible knowledge in the field of English. The prime objectives are crystal clear to bring them on the right track to utilize English for academic, official and social purposes in life.

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