NIMA-Women Association Club  

NIMA-Women Association Club, a brief summary…….

1-   The club is purely an association of female students studying at NIMA

2-  This club has started its work since September 2014.

3-  There are 45 students already registered.

4- We have divided the whole club in to four groups.

*. Dahlia group

*. Jasmine Group

*. Rose group

*. Marigold Group

Every group has selected a group leader as representative to coordinate the activities.

1- Each group brings some activities  in every session of   the club

2- We have been provided with an additional assistance of Miss Mariam, Gender Personnel, DMTVET.

Our goals for students

1- The chance to build and enhance new skills and talents

2- Campaign on issues that matter to members and their communities.

3- Provide educational and career counseling

President, Secretary and Vice president

Sep 2014- Dec ‘14.

President: Miss Mariam D/o Ahmad Shah,  Acc-1, Sem 4

Vice president: Miss.Tahmina D/o Shafiq Ahamad, Acc-4, Sem 4

Secretary : Miss Alia, Mgt 4-Sem 4

President, Secretary and Vice president

Dec-2014 to present

President     : Miss Farkhonda,  D/o Abdul Bashir, D3-Room No.48

Secretary    :  Sayeda D/o Musa, D6, Room No. 50, Sem 1

Vice president :  Sabreena, D/o Abdul Latif,  D6- Room No.50

Activities those done by this Club ( Sep 2014- Dec 2014)       

1- We had 3 presentations on the topics related to :

2- Successful women entrepreneurs in Afghanistan

3- Challenges of women in Afghanistan

4- Opportunities to Afghanistan women

5- A drama and a video related with child marriage.

6- 9 Club meetings including selection the club in-charges and other representatives

Activities those done by this Club ( Jan 2015- May 2015)      

1- 6 Club meetings including the election of New President, Vice President, Secretary and other group representatives and group members.

2- Essay Competition- Topic “ As a woman what can you do, if you have power”

Winners of the essay competition are;

1. 1st Place : Samira D/o Mohammad Zahir, Sem 1- D3

2. 2nd Place : Sayeda D/o Musa, Sem 1, D6

These students were awarded with trophies and Ms. Naziya HOD, English DEPT, handed them over to the students.

Mr. Sajid Shirzai, The NIMA Manager, Mr. E C Sebastian, HOD, Accounting Dept, Ms. Naziya, HOD English Dept were present in every meetings and have given their valuable and inspirable addresses for the session.