NIMA Debate Club

A brief Introduction

NIMA Debate club is a platform for those students who want to be a good speaker in future. As we all know that debating is a practice that inspires learners to open their mouth, get into discussion, defend their own positions, place counter arguments and also conduct research on related issues. While debating in English, the debaters get involved into a challenging and thrilling activity: moreover they find themselves well-conversant in the aforesaid language.

NIMA Debate club has started its activities in Refresher Course in the m/o January 2015. A few activities of Debate club are mentioned below:

1-  Sign up event was held on 17th January,2015

2-  First Introductory meeting on 22nd January,2015

3- Second Meeting on 31st January,2015

The purpose of these two meeting was to tell the members about the aim, activities and events of the club. Debate club has 73 registered members who attend all sessions of the clubs and always participate very actively.

A brief report about the training sessions:

  • Ist training session was held on 5th February, 2015.In first training session a few topics were given to prepare debate speeches:
  • Should uniform be compulsory in School and colleges?

1-  Are you satisfied with the current education system in Afghanistan?

2- IInd training session was held on 12th February, 2015, the topics discussed in IInd sessions are given below:

3- Social media effects on the Moral character of people in present generation.

4- The Advantages and disadvantages of Modern Technology.

5- IIIrd training session was held on 19th February, 2015. The topics discussed in III sessions are given below:

6- Effects of Social Networking sites on present generation.

7-  Positive and negative effects of Urbanization.

In these training sessions Debate club has received the great response and attention of our students. The students are getting regular sessions for training on every Thursday and so far they have given us amazing results beyond our expectations. We also have some experts and guest speakers to facilitate us to achieve our goals. We are hopeful and optimistic to bring trophies and acknowledgement to NIMA.

Debate club has also organized election to elect their president, Vice-president and secretary. The names of the above students are given below:



Vice- president



Shabnam Shahsamand

Debate club also has its Facebook page where students can easily make an access and they can write their comments as well. The link of debate club Facebook page is:

Supervisors:    Mrs. Birjees Fazil [M.A. in Eng. Literature, B.Ed. in Math and English]

Mr. Zafar Iqbal Khattak [M.A. in English]