The NIMA Newsletter club was organized by the supervisor Ms. Nazia Shah with the help of the mentors the Afghan teacher trainee Mr. Kazim as well Mr. Ehsan Habibi the RC and English faculty NIMA. Under the guidance of the BSU Academic Director. As an ongoing activity the Newsletter club held many events at NIMA and also outside NIMA. The main purpose of the club was to get the events arranged and publish for two purpose, students’ record and promotional activity.

Objectives of the Newsletter Club at NIMA:

1-  To enable students to enhance their writing and reading capacity;

2-  To be able to organize events at NIMA for the sake of re-creational activities and be able to report about it on monthly basis,

3- To be able to write articles and other short stories to be published in the daily National Newspapers in English.

4- To inculcate a habit of reading for the sake of entertainment


The events were organized at the NIMA premises such as:

Orientation of the Newsletter club August 2014

Activity for the brief description of the events to follow at NIMA September 2014

Teachers Day at NIMA October 2014

Essay writing events held for the Woman’s Day

Essay Writing event about the Teachers Day

Essay written for the discrimination against woman in Afghanistan.

The events which were held outside the NIMA premises were:

The visit of the 4th semester students to attend the first job fair at the Afghanistan Center for Kabul University (ACKU- November 2014)

A workshop organized by the ACKU by a French Prof. Jean Luc Racine Emeritus about the “Afghanistan, Indian and Pakistan triangle relationship” for Trade and bi-lateral relations across the borders.  (ACKU- November 2014)

A trip to the Kabul orphanage center in AFFCEICO Afghanistan for gifts distribution.

The 1st edition of the Newsletter NIMA

The first edition of the NIMA Newsletter was published in December 2014, with the help of BSU Academics

The second edition was printed in July 2015 with the help of the NIMA & BSU Academics too.

The mentors of the club had arranged the Newsletter representatives for each club to contribute to the first and the 2nd edition of the NIMA Newsletter for publication. Each club sent their own representatives for the purpose and we had the president and the representative for each club.

The topics for publication were ranging from the club activities to the events held in NIMA such as Environment Day, Teachers Day, Students club activities Management Club, ICT club, Accounting club visit to the Sunshine Institute, Debates club as well the English club and the Math club at NIMA.