In NIMA, there is a trend of organizing ICT club and activities to benefit teachers, students and the administration of NIMA to meet the IT skills required. I am writing this report on activities and events conducted in 2015.

Objectives of the NIMA ICT clubs:


1. Create awareness on the uses and values of ICT in education and businesses;

2. Provide training on computer basics, Internet, web design and basic computer programming;

3. Advocate for the computers in the schools to be networked and connected to the Internet in collaboration with the local ISP;

4. Key knowledge in the field of Networking, Databases, Web Designing and Hardware


1. In near future, we will have to provide the opportunities for the students to build a software house environment in which they can build and work on small projects.

2. We will work on software engineering perspectives and team work in software construction

3. It is in our plan to have a coordination with other schools regarding all kinds of IT and CS related activities

4. We will work on cross knowledge sharing of the experts from different intuitions.

Achievements of the NIMA ICT Club:

The ICT Club have brought the following innovative solutions and conducted events on some useful topics and practical IT and CS tasks.

Event 1: Technology for Education and Workplace (27 Jan 2015)

A collaborative presentation by the ICT Faculty on 27 Jan 2015. In this presentation all computer science experts had their view and stated the importance of technology in education and workplace.

Event 2: Guest Lecture on IT Career & Career Path (Feb 8, 2015)

A guest lecture by Mr. Asmatullah IT Unit Manager, form Professional Development Institute (PDI), AUAF. In this lecture He explained different IT paths and certifications, the event conducted successfully and club members really benefited from the lecture. Awareness about the uses and values of ICT in school communities using: lecture programs, conferences and panel discussions.

Event 3: Practical Training on Blog/Blogging: (Feb 19, 2015)

A useful training session conducted on Feb 19, 2015 on blog/blogging by Mr. Roohul Amin Mashwani.

Event 4: Training Session on My Cloud Device (March 8, 2018)

It was a practical training on my cloud configuration. The students and ICT staff were trained by Roohul Amin Mashwani and Sohail Muhammadon the available device (My Cloud). The topics are listed below:

  • What is cloud?
  • Understanding My Cloud
  • My Cloud configuration


We would like to mention that all these activities and events conducted as an extracurricular

Visual presentation

Mentor(s): Roohul Amin Mashwani

ICT Clubs Members Meeting                               Presentation on My Cloud                                  IT Career by Asmatullah, AUAF