DSCN2513NIMA also arranges some social gatherings to keep the staff in a gregarious and amiable way. Guests are also invited to participate in such gatherings, and there is always an amicable entertainment with social associations and acquaintances with one other.

One such event was organized by the NIMA management acting Dean Mr. Sajidullah Sherzai in the premises of the Institute by inviting the Deputy Minister HE Mr. Asif Nang as well the respectable staff members and administration. The venue was decorated beautifully and a welcome speech given along with refreshments and dinner was served in the library. The staff enjoyed the event after dinner in the lively music and dance (traditional) session celebrating fully. It was one of its kind and everybody felt relaxed after a tiring days work at NIMA.

The staff was motivated to keep this trend and celebration on-going by encouraging the same once every semester.