NIMA March 2014 631
Apart from our academic activities at NIMA, Some special days are also commemorated with great ardor and keenness to remind some reminiscences of the historic significance of the past. At NIMA women’s day is celebrated with an outlook to show the value and importance of women being a respectable creature on earth.

The Woman’s Day celebration has always been encouraged by the NIMA management as well admin and staff, especially for the female students at NIMA. The 30 % ratio of female students representing the 34 provinces takes pride in performing on stage on this special occasion.  The World Bank has taken these events celebrated for the woman in Kabul as a great milestone and achievements on behalf of the ASDP II, project in Afghanistan.

The speeches and the commencement of these special events have encouraged the female students to a great extent. they are now empowered to represent their ideas through this forum eventually showing their talents and sharing their suppressed views to the rest of the  community giving encouragement and taking praise from all. This event is an ongoing celebration on the 8th of March each year across the globe and it is not surprising any more that the females in Kabul especially students of NIMA are also keeping the same zest as the majority of the world has witnessed  their achievements. One such participant who was invited to NIMA as a participant is Ms. Andeisha the owner and Director of the orphanage AFFCEICO. It has been known for the tremendous efforts given during the three decades of war as well a live coverage on the CNN for supporting the orphans in Kabul girls as well vulnerable boys by providing them shelter and food as well clothing and education.